How long until
Model Expo 2016?

Latest Update : 9 June 2015

Model Expo 2015 is a showcase of everything that encompasses plastic modelling.

A National Open plastic model competition is conducted during the Expo and covers nearly all categories including Aircraft, AFVs, Cars, Trucks, Science Fiction and Figures.

For any modeller who left References behind and wishes them back,
please   Email Us

Kit distributors and retailers will show latest releases along with a variety of model club and hobby displays.

A 'Swap & Sell' will be organised for Monday 
(see Swap & Sell Page for details).


Dates and Times
6-8 June 2015
Sandown Park Exhibition Centre,

Public Entry
Saturday, 6 June 11am - 5 pm
Sunday,   7 June 10am - 5 pm
Monday,   8 June 10am - 5 pm 
Competition Entries
Friday,     5 June 6 pm - 9 pm
Saturday, 6 June 9 am - 12noon
For full details see When and Where
Further Information
Rene De Koning    (03) 9748 2270 AH
Laurence Farrugia  (03) 9546 9571 AH